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Let There Be Light.: Please Fucking Stop


It bothers me that you can’t talk to me. It bothers me that you can’t cry, and let it all out with me sitting by you. Instead you have to hide behind “I’m fine”. I’m not just another face in the crowd. Can’t you tell? Can’t you see that I’ve been through enough of these to know how you deal, yet I…

I wanted you to be with me. Together through the storm…why do I feel like it’s only me fighting. I’m waist deep and sinking fast, while you’re already on high ground. 

I just need some time to sit and think. Walk and sit on a park bench, drive and drive and drive till I want to pull over…some place where I won’t get questioned. Some place where I won’t be judged, yelled at or told I suck. But no, I can’t have those few minutes to myself because otherwise people will think I’m nuts, or that I’m doing something illegal. Fuck this. Give me ten freaking minutes to myself to think about life.

Ugh. So many feelings…so many mistakes…so many -_-

What. Do. I. Do.



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ahem Ryan gosling *cough cough*